Find a leader

Your search for exceptional talent begins here.

Selecting the right executive is a decision that can make or break your organization. We get it. That’s why we’re committed to helping you put the right leaders in the right roles. With this in mind, we follow a three-step process that enables us to zero in on prospective candidates – accurately and efficiently.


Step 1: Explore

First, we meet with your organization’s key stakeholders to gain an understanding of where your business is today, what goals you have for the future, and what opportunities and gaps you expect your new leader to address so that you can achieve your objectives. We also take the time to understand your business model, key differentiators, corporate vision and culture -- because a perfect match isn’t just about finding you the right skills and experience; it’s about finding you a candidate who’s ready to back everything your organization stands for.


Step 2: Strategize

Next, we develop a customized search strategy that focuses on the sectors, businesses and geographic locations that warrant exploration based on the outcome of our meeting, and the search begins. Once we’ve found potential candidates, we meet with them to make sure their goals, experience, skills and character align with your aspirations. In the interest of your time, only those that meet every search criteria make their way to you for consideration.


Step 3: Hire

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, we help put together an offer that satisfies both of you, negotiating salary, benefits, vacation and bonus compensation on your behalf. After an agreement has been reached, you can count on us to stay in touch way beyond the start date to promote a smooth transition and satisfying partnership.

Rest assured that while we’re very assertive throughout the above process, we’re also very discreet, and keeping your executive strategy confidential matters to us as much as it matters to you. You have our word.